Many Women have felt stuck in a wealth gap for what seems like forever..

It's time to release our deep resistance to receiving and keeping money


I spent years in the Direct Sales Profession watching women with the same products, uncapped compensation earn vastly different income and rewards from one another.

I thought the staggering difference was as a result of their level of confidence and courage fuelled by thoughts and doubts.

While listening to a US mentor, the penny dropped about personal issues with money and wealth that hide in our subconscious (our memory hard-drive) where we have stored negative stories that have generated a resistance, battle style approach to Money.

Subconscious remembers everything, the things you choose not to and things that may have happened so long ago, or maybe just be unaware of which are influencing beliefs, motivations, fears, courage and perspectives

The secret to living to your full potential in this life is to learn about yourself, unlearn all the irrelevant.

Learn the new, learn about what/who you are, dig deeper into the inner you to grasp why you are the way you are, what past experiences could be affecting you and how to mentally deliver yourself.


73% of Women I surveyed said, 'they feel resentful they don't make more for all they do'

78% of Women I surveyed said 'I never feel there's enough money and create ways of making more

72% of Women I surveyed said 'Something often happens to complicate my life financially'



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  • Keen to know more about mindset, patterns of behaviours, generational influence, money and wealth and the different ways men and women 'deal' with it!
  • When I found Sacred Money Archetypes® I knew this was something special!
  • I spent months pouring into understand the framework of the 8 personalities - it explains how each of us feels about and manages money
  • There are 8 Archetypes - Accumulator, Alchemist, Celebrity, Connector, Maverick, Nurturer, Romantic, Ruler - each of us have some traits from all the Archetypes.
  • However, your top 3 Archetypes are the ones that have the most influence in your life, especially your #1 Archetype.
  • Each Archetype has strengths and challenges, and by examining your top 3 archetypes and how they interact with each other and show up in your life, discovering your unique strengths with money and how to overcome your challenges. 

Sacred Money Archetypes® outline your unique path to wealth.

You have one, even if you think you don’t think you do. 

Read each of the statements below. 

Score one point for each statement that you agree with.

Add your total up out of 16 and write it down before you move on..


I want to ......

let go of doing feast or famine
let go of my past money mistakes
let go of scarcity, poverty talk
stop believing I'll never have enough money
stop draining my finances by rescuing everyone
stop being painfully frugal that I'm missing the fun
stop under charging on my skills
stop over giving to everyone
be safe and financially secure
have lots of fun with money
show my family I am good enough to be successful
reset my belief that I'm not good with money
start nourishing my financial wellbeing
grow my impact in the world make a difference
to become really wealthy and embrace it
payoff my debt quickly

More peace, prosperity, purpose, play comes from nourishing your relationship with Money

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As I began learning about my Sacred Money Archetypes®, working through the Money Mindset Shift exercises. It was a very emotional experience! I was truly shocked to see for the first time, influences from child-hood powerfully impacting my daily choices, decades on. 

Since diving into these powerful tools, and resetting my old patterns, WOW so much has changed in my life!!

  • I live without wondering what other people think
  • I have clearer boundaries
  • I dress in colours I adore
  • I have let go of chase and hustle energy
  • I have a had a whole new range of opportunities
  • I have tweaked and tweaked my business structure
  • I work more aligned to my gifts
  • I say yes and no to now - without seeking permission.
  • I am aware of my cryptonite that interrupts me being in flow
  • I do less frustration and control 
  • I have more peace, power, freedom!
  • I've been more willing to surrender it into grace.
  • I'm enjoying WAY more rewards
  • I honour my gifts, strengths more than once believed I had to exhaust myself to DO!

Even my marriage has up-levelled BIG time - our communication, agreements, planning, appreciation so much!!

  • Once we knew each other's Top 3 Archetypes, SO much dropped into our understanding!  
  • It's much simpler to acknowledge the traits of their patterns and how different or similar you are.


My son and his girlfriend also took the Quiz - their #1 Archetypes are somewhat of polar opposites!

It's been priceless they have learned this language instead of creating stories which turn into a battle of beliefs that the other person is not 'for' you!

Our limiting beliefs about money, are handed to us from people with limiting beliefs about money.. 

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I specialise in 'connecting the dots' for GenX Women to transform their lives, careers, businesses by transforming their relationship with money!

  • We have arrived into midlife season, changing roles, seeking new fulfilment, making plans for things we yet want to accomplish and who we want to be again!
  • I developed the SMASH Programme© to help more women around the world, access the Sacred Money Mindset Shift® exercises
  • Learning how to integrate their Sacred Money Archetypes® into their daily life.
  • In doing so, boost their beliefs, courage and confidence, to flourish financially as a result of being truly aligned to their natural self.
  • The 8 week course (self-paced) a video series of coaching classes, workshops, with accompanying worksheets to bring clarity to the changes you seek.
  • I host regular livestream group sessions to discuss topics, help you soak up all the juicy life-changing learnings as you move through the experience, to open you up to your most abundant success yet, your best life!
  • I look forward to Welcoming you into 'SMASHing' these old beliefs and cashflow limits that have side-lined you from being seen and heard the way you desire! 


PS.. How many of the 16 statements (top of this page) did you find yourself agreeing with? 5, 10,  ALL!!

This score reveals what the 'real' you is craving, her desire to have a happier, delightful, generous, peaceful relationship with Money!


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My Programme includes both

Practical Applications + Personal Development

One alone won't give you the transformation you seek!

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Includes: Personal 

Breakthrough Tool

I love seeing the realisations that come to the surface of what women have been tolerating blindly unaware, that have been holding back the freedom they crave!

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Includes: Brilliant

Profile Cards

I love watching women hold these cards out in front and for the first time, seeing themselves as not in 'lack' but full of possibility!

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Includes: Career/Business 

Breakthrough Tool

I love those ah-ha's that powerfully arrive with crisp clarity that offer a rewarding sense of fulfilment as women start valuing themselves way more generously!

Before and After..

sacred archetypes results

Sandy McCluskey

I jumped way out of my comfort zone in exploring my money story! As a result I unstuck some areas that have been that way for a very long time, keeping me from the success I wanted to enjoy in my life.

Dive in deep ladies! Sharyn is such an intuitive soul, her guidance has been priceless to me.

sacred archetypes results

Katrina Becker

This programme has literally changed my life!

Learning how to use my natural Sacred Money Archetypes® felt so authentic to me and as a Nurturer that is SO important! I make better life and business decisions. 

I have used the coaching to strengthen my marriage and partnership in the roles we each have in the business. It's helped us up-level in love and wealth. I adore Sharyn!! I tell everyone to just do this course!!

sacred money archetypes reviews

VJ Streatfield

OH WOW! I love loved loved the personal expansion the experience of the Sacred Money Archetypes® Coaching and Money Mindset Shift exercises has created all through my life! Breakthroughs all round!! I encourage you to jump in with both feet with the generous and brilliant Sharyn Swan!!

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'SUZI Q' (yep, not her real name ;)


Was she 'passed' it? Her email to me before she chose to begin was

'Do you think I should just give up?Am I too old?' .. Um say what now?!

Here was a wonderful caring woman eager to keep expanding herself with learning new things and competing to beat her own best.

YES You are still in the game as long as you say you want to be...


She focused on new growth! Generating an extra $14,000 in Sales over 16 weeks..


The sadness that she nearly bought into the defeat message was she 'too old' to keep going!

A truly heart warming moment was her message in our group after completing one of the last Sacred Money Archetypes® transformational activities.

She shared how deeply it had stirred her, the tears that had flowed and she got such clarity for what I can see her living now.

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'FRIDA' (yep, not her real name ;)


Moved out of being an employee and into her own consulting business with an accreditation service.

She was constantly in doubt if she could make even 50% of her past wage. And there were a few fears that are a normal part of the transition from employee to self-employed.


Her Money Mindset beliefs were one of putting EVERYONES else's needs and wants, dreams well before her own. She'd forgotten to have any of her own really! 

Went from average of $3000 per month Turnover to $16,000 per month!


As a result of shattering money glass ceilings, she immediately booked a holiday for just her and her hubbie to a location that had been a 'one day' for over 20 years. 

Seeing her photos on location there were truly inspiring and soulfully joyful!!

If you'd like more money in your life and it's not there, there's a block!

Are you ready to change that?! 

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All these Inclusions

  • 8 Weeks of course content

  • Self paced Video Series 

  • Sacred Money Archetypes® Integration Classes

  • Sacred Money Mindset Shift® Workshops 
  • Plus feature lessons

  • Debt reduction templates and tools
  • Discovery Diary, jot your transformation feelings

  • Personal Profile Card collection for the 8 Archetypes


  • Facebook Group community during Programme lifetime


  • Livestream mini Money Mojo sessions each month

  •  Hosted by Sharyn to coach your through roadblocks

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