GenX Women

We are in a new act of our life...

One that can be consumed by caregiving to elderly family and young family simultaneously

We are looking for a new sense of what our worth looks like, a place to make a contribution to be team players, leasers, inventors, solution providers.

We are very well known for our hard work ethic, but the dollars don't match the value we give.

We can feel the need to win approval, feel there's never enough money, rebel against the unjust, unfair, and or feel the need to rescue at the sacrifice of our own goals, and leak away savings and the future financial security.

Most GenX Women who have been in caregiving roles, part time work, working for themselves have the lowest amounts of Superannuation, 401K, Pension Plan... racked up

Marriages are falling apart after 15, 20 and 30 years and many of these Women are in a place where the lifestyle they have known for so long is now compromised.

If we are looking toward the future, we need to be taking more intentional action about our relationship with money, creating ease, setting boundaries, embracing money as a friend not a foe, releasing the battle energy around money, clearing our emotional limiting belief baggage that holds us up in 'comparison-itis' or 'imposter syndrome' and owning the priceless beauty that we already hold in our natural gifts and strengths.

All these are the ingredients into our money stories that we have been carrying with us for decades. They show up in all areas of our life.

As a Business owner, they impact the decisions you make in investing in your business, visibility, pricing, offers, processes and your longevity to 'make it work' and your beliefs around being seen as a 'real business owner' and the confidence in running your business.

Once we embrace a Money Mindset Makeover, clear the clutter, come out the other side in full flow of our unique selves, the cash comes, the upgrade comes, the way of life we seek comes!

Our contribution to others is enormously enhanced because we have more supply, more energy, more power and thereby more lives we can make a significant difference to amongst our communities, giving from a place of authentic grace, integrity, strength, and wisdom.

The SMASH Programme, Money Mindset Makeover for you and your Business

A simply beautiful blend of practical external 'what and how's' and the personal internal 'beliefs and blocks' that work in harmony for you to realise the sense of fulfilment, emotional and financial freedom that you seek.

You cannot get to that place with only ONE of these, you will forever be feeling like something is missing within.

Begin with the Quiz to find your Money Personality, then continue on to learn how to use it to elevate your life. 

Have an amazing time as you begin to SMASH through your glass ceiling barriers to embrace being a worthy, wealthy woman. I am excited for you, and love championing GenX Women in being aligned in their truth




Embrace the power of your natural gifts, strengths & authentic illumination as you connect to your Sacred Money Archetypes® who show you how to get back into flow, ease and freedom



Breaking layer upon layer of subconscious 'glass ceilings' generated from very old stories, influenced by fears and hurt from others, that are still blocking your progress all these years, decades since.



That ‘running a business’ stuff that you've put off because it's felt too overwhelming. Step by Step - What, Why, How of Planning, Marketing, Social, Selling, Money Stuff, Managing Time & Tasks create strong foundations to look and feel like a 'real business' woman!



Let’s bring it together, apply your natural superpowers to Attract & Retain more of your most favourite ‘Jewel’ clients who  respect your talents, are willing and able to pay a premium to receive them!



As a result of this amazing Makeover, how will it feel to add $25,000 more profit than you did last year? Once you see yourself achieve that, just ‘rinse and repeat’ and keep increasing every year!




I share four stories of previous participants, measured results from their tracking forms they kept and submitted each weekly.

Yes their first name has been 'altered' to provide privacy to their journey and business....



.. Moved out of being an employee and into her own consulting business with an accreditation service. She was constantly in doubt if she could make even 50% of her past wage. And there were a few fears that are a normal part of the transition from employee to self-employed.

She tracked activity each week using my IPA form .. her results... from an average of $3000 per month Turnover to $16,000 per month!

Her strategic focus was best served in making contact personally with industry specific networks. She did virtually no social media!

We helped her keep costs very low by using the Income Formula template, so she could enjoy a substantial salary while also holding funds for future software and resource upgrade including more outsourcing of admin tasks!

Her Money Mindset beliefs were one of putting EVERYONES else's needs and wants, dreams well before her own. She'd forgotten to have any of her own really! 

As a result of shattering money glass ceilings, she immediately booked a holiday for just her and her hubbie to a location that had been a 'one day' for over 20 years. Seeing her photos on location there were truly inspiring and soulfully joyful!!



.. Took over another business alongside her prime business. The second one needed a whole lot of organisation, and process structuring, something that previously she would say she 'wasnt great at' hence why she joined the programme! Identifying best income formula, pricing, offers to realise a more profitable return

She tracked activity each week using my IPA form .. her results... She made 57 phone calls to prospects who were using a business that she had created a joint venture with. From those calls, she added 29 Appointments and generated $50,400 in extra Sales! 

As this was a dormant opportunity that previously got ignored until she used it as her focus from our strategic coaching session, it has very little extra costs apart from her time. So rounded up to be a boost of $40,000 profit to the business.

Social Media helped her spotlight the Alliance partner and bring a community spirit to a wider audience.

For her it was an activity very early on that she got the biggest ah-ha! That her 'relationship' with money was ALWAYS one of being ready to go to battle AGAINST it!



.. Felt it time to get past the slow car in front and make a run to a stronger income stream from her business. She was working with a product line that needed replenishing every 6-8 weeks as well as additional lines that clients could add into their use.

She tracked activity each week using my IPA form .. her results... She had a 325% increase from clients re-ordering or expanding what they used. 31 New bookings made and an extra $20,461 in Sales.

Her focus was on nurturing relationships with existing clientele, getting in and learning more about who were her Jewels and who were ones that were not! She had neglected MANY and it was time to own all of that, with real honest care and ownership.

Her secret key she tells everyone, was the transformation in her own Money Mindset Beliefs and clearing out very old money blocks, layers and layers. That she had to give herself 'permission' to thrive as a business woman!

Her husband and her whole family have seen a huge change in her and this is reflected on the way they feel free to live their life now, with real authenticity!


'Suzi Q'

.. Was she 'passed' it? Her email to me before she chose to begin was 'Do you think I should just give up? Am I too old?' .. Um say what now?!

Here was a wonderful caring woman eager to keep expanding herself with learning new things and competing to beat her own best. YES You are still in the game as long as you say you want to be...

She tracked activity each week using my IPA form .. her results... She focused on new growth! Generating an extra $14,000 in Sales over 16 weeks..

Her focus was to establish a completely new stream of networks and leads. It was so refreshing, leaving the old limitations behind and giving herself permission to 'restart' 

Two key things for her were to embrace being more visible, especially on social media platforms! Now I see her pop into my feed EVERY week with new Facebook Livestreams and Zoom's! It is so amazing seeing her personal growth as well as the business. 

She got out and about in her local community and introduced her services and how what problems she could solve... It was a slow burn over 6-12 months that people become more responsive.

A truly heart warming moment was her message in our group after completing one of the last Sacred Money Archetypes® transformational activities. She shared how deeply it had stirred her, the tears that had flowed and she got such clarity for what I can see her living now.

She also felt sadness for that time where she nearly bought into the defeat message was she 'too old' to keep going!




Want a Super Boost?

Add on...




Your natural state is the Inner Banker, you are conscientious in your business, and so amazing at being responsible to get the job done. Your sabotage comes in the over analysis that holds you back and impends your sense of freedom

This programme can help you reduce paralysis, instead see greater possibilities, increased belief in yourself that you begin to expand, reach more people who will respect and appreciate eagerly, your brilliant project organisation & money management skills


Your natural state is being the Inner Idealist, you are daring in your business, your brilliance is the transformational experience you bring to others . Your sabotage comes in jumping without a plan, to the next thing and next

This programme can help you with it's intentional bite size basics, template steps that allow you to implement much needed structure that provides support to your magical sparkly self to shine positive change in others, without being resentful to have to make money


Your natural state is the Inner Big Shot! You have enormous radiance and magnetic appeal that you love being an influencer and helping others to shine!  Your sabotage comes in all that business 'paperwork stuff' that risks your financial security

This programme can help you gain more synergy in 'running your business'  recognising your strengths, fun in creating with the simple worksheets, done for you templates and empowering visualisations that polish away the coal to reveal you, the diamond!


Your natural state is being the Inner Relationship Creator, you are have enormous resilience, with a trusting and innocence that holds your business together! Your sabotage comes from feeling uncomfortable to make money from your relationships

This programme can help you anchor in strong foundations with ease, that give you a sense of accomplishment which will deepen your self-respect and reduce the feeling of others opinions you are inadequate as a 'business owner'. Lets help you believe 'I serve so I deserve' 


Your natural state is the Inner Rebel with a Cause! You have a charismatic way that is fabulous in sales and relationships. You enjoy the out of the box thinking. Your sabotage comes in following the routine, the pattern which can impact your consistency for income

This programme can help you get better building blocks under your big thinking, that you've been gambling with for a while now. What if by breaking the glass ceilings you didn't know you had, you discover even more power to your love of wealth creating?


Your natural state is being the Inner Sponsor, you are the most passionately generous and loyal compassionates. Beautiful creative style in home, food, design, events. Your sabotage comes from the selfless service that destroys your wellbeing

This programme can help you increase 'permission giving' that you so eagerly seek for yourself. By taking the time to put in place, both practical & personal boundaries that will powerfully reduce compulsion to rescue others and release your frustrating feelings of resentment


Your natural state is being the Inner Hedonists! You are the fun one, the pleasure-seeker and love of a luxurious life for yourself and others. Your sabotage comes in being bothered to do the mundane things in your business

This programme can help you feel more appreciated and deserving as a successful business owner. Not needing to put the energy in, or waste time to out all the boring bits you need to know. Everything is laid out in audio/video, templates that help you drive more meaning and fulfilment from your business


Your natural state is being the Inner Empire Builder, enormous courage, energy, leadership and an inspiring view for the future! Your sabotage comes from the default setting of doing it all the hard way, being a perfectionist, and one girl army!

This programme can help you systemise the business in its 'now state' to leverage and scale much greater. Doing it such a new way that you connect to a more harmonious wellbeing and social lifestyle that empowers your innovation state and taking others along that journey




Katrina Becker

I have undertaken this programme & more with Sharyn Swan 'The Dot Connector' and it has literally changed our life in so many ways. Knowing my Sacred Money archetype strengths and weaknesses and how to use this in my daily life & business decision making is showing up on how I choose to empower myself and our business.

It's also helped those around me (husband lol) understand my traits and we have used these strengths with my roles in our business. It is such a great tool for businesses especially husband & wife teams and those with staff to understand each other's strengths and utilising them within your business. Jump on and check it out!! You won't regret it.

Sandy McCloskey

Over the past 12 months I have had the pleasure of spending time with Sharyn in a number of different ways. Some of these were in relation to the Mentoring program and Wish Game. The sessions have helped me with marketing, social media, money blockages and looking past the obvious for my Mannatech business. Each session has taught me new ways of stepping out of my comfort zone to try new things, allowing me to dig deep to look for answers and work on issues holding me back in my Mannatech business.

The latest program I have been involved in with Sharyn is the Sacred Money Archetypes® and has begun to unleash areas in my life where I have been stuck. Sharyn's knowledge, presentations and guidance have been invaluable to me. If you are looking to unlocking your true potential I recommend you seek out Sharyn to refresh you and your business.

Vicki-Jayne Streatfield

I recently took a great leap towards goals I have been struggling to obtain. It is often easier to misdirect time, effort, thought and movement to achieve a dream when continual self-doubt and lack of confidence coupled with a wall of procrastination has been built in our own minds.

I chose to start on the SMASH Programme to get better in my business running activities and learn how to create a Sales and Marketing Strategy. I also love love loved the expansion to experience the Sacred Money Archetypes® breakthroughs!!

My walls stand no longer! I encourage you to jump in with both feet!


Money Blocks?

Shattering Money Beliefs?

Sacred Archetypes??

If this is a whole new concept for you, 

Or it is triggering you with shame, overwhelm, old stories, fear or sense of failure, or being an imposter..


You are not alone.

We truly, all have stuff, and learning that it's safe to unpack it and learn to let it go is huge!


I encourage you to start with this step