Hello, I'm Sharyn Swan


I've been connecting the dots since my teens, when I first started my part-time job with a fashion store who's jingle was 'this goes with this, goes with this'! 

My natural curiosity is to find solutions, spot the gaps, transform outcomes, be a belief builder, championing people back to their truth, gifts and strengths.

I love celebrating who we are as Generation X Women and the amazing-ness we bring to the world!

Who is Sharyn Swan?


Sharyn Swan is the Dot Connector – she connects people, ideas and businesses and empowers them to achieve their goals – in life or business.

Her own career has been stellar, and she brings the same energy and wisdom that saw her reach the heights of her field to her clients each and every day, along with her vibrant, infectious and warm personality. 

With a highly successful background in corporate senior management roles, the direct selling industries, and today being a self-employed entrepreneur, Sharyn has an enormous range of skills and experience to offer. 


A High Achiever..


Sharyn has worked in Travel and Foreign Exchange, Fashion, Skincare & Cosmetics and Marketing on a local and global scale. When she worked in travel, she took on a travel retail store that was earmarked for closure and led her team to being the #1 National Flagship Store with a $25 million dollar annual turnover. As a result of her generous team spirit and leadership, the team achieved ‘celebrity status’ and enjoyed many rewards. 

Her own rewards and awards have been vast. Awarded for achievement in areas such as Sales, Marketing, Innovation, Team Building and Leadership, Sharyn was recognised internationally as the Australian Leader of the Year 2000 and was celebrated with a Business Class trip to Europe! Within the Direct Sales industry she received a stream of national elite awards and acknowledgements, rewards, gifts, trophies including 3 company cars, many gold, diamond and precious stone jewellery gifts, international travel and luxury rewards which she enjoyed and shared with family and friends.

Sharyn enjoyed the opportunity to be engaged to inspire and develop numerous leaders, empowering over 1000 women in their consultancy in her family lines, and a stimulating and executive level income of over a MILLION DOLLARS.


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sacred money archetypes coach
sacred money archetypes coach


Becoming a Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach


Throughout her career Sharyn could see often great women were not receiving or keeping compensation comparable to their service and so, wanting to help her clients to realise their worth and break down their barriers to wealth, she became a Certified Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach.

Her own Money Personality of 'Alchemist, Accumulator and Ruler' harness her true gifts to instinctively pinpoint exactly what a business needs, bring transformational ideas, inspire teams, and develop an easy action-orientated strategy to thrive! 

Sharyn is the master of ideas for customer appreciation and leads by example as evidenced by her avalanche of repeat customers. Over the course of her career, she has been constantly asked, ‘how did you do that?’ or ‘can you show me?’ and so she does, predominantly focusing on the business development ideas and strategies, branding, key niche marketing, and tracking actions which elevated her and her teams to national and international awards and excellence.

Sharyn loves connecting people, and their ideas and businesses together. She has a huge network globally, she has proudly represented Australia in international forums and attended numerous leadership seminars, some with over 10,000 people in attendance. Sharyn has delivered training and educational lessons as guest speaker at workshops and conferences throughout cities and regional locations of Australia, delivered training in the US to leadership groups and Direct Sales teams, presenting in Asia to company consultants

As a Certified Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach, diving deep into this work, she is learning much about the underlying stories we each have collected and hold onto around Money. Using the unique activities from Sacred Money Archetypes® toolkit she sees the significant transformation that clients have instantly experienced and sustained years on. 

Collectively the clients she has coached on programmes or mentored 1:1, have generated over $400 million dollars in additional sales during the time with her guidance! 

Her passion in this chapter of her life is to work with those who are passionate about making a difference in this world through their business, or as a result of their increased prosperity, confidence and self-worth!

This is a beautiful boutique experience with profound rewards when you ask Sharyn along on your life and business journey.

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