Gen X Women around the world are learning how to empower their Sacred Money Archetypes® and transform their lives!


What are Sacred Money Archetypes®

How do they work?

Archetypes represent a pattern of power, your emotional DNA. They 'speak' from your subconscious - a huge memory bank, the hard-drive to your life! The mind and subconscious are constantly communicating

Subconscious remembers everything, the things you choose not to and things that may have happened so long ago, or maybe just be unaware of which are influencing beliefs, motivations, fears, courage and perspectives

The secret to living to your full potential in this life is to learn about yourself, unlearn all the irrelevant. Learn the new, learn about what/who you are, dig deeper into the inner you to grasp why you are the way you are, what past experiences could be affecting you and how to mentally deliver yourself.

The way to do this, is to be in greater alignment with your Sacred Money Archetypes®

Be set free from the triggers that keep us trapped limiting money beliefs about money. It’s not about never experiencing them. It’s about navigating a simpler way through them that keeps your vibration higher so you do less sabotaging and struggle



Would you like to tap into your natural superpowers and breakthrough the glass ceilings in your life?

Most Women don't see themselves as powerful when it comes to earning, receiving, keeping, growing money. Yet each of us have a path to wealth that is connected from our soul's authentic truth

Sacred Money Archetypes® reveal these tools to you, so that you can move out of the shadows and into greater prosperity and purpose. Once you know which are yours, you can instantly begin aligning back to your strengths and start up-levelling your love life, your health, your peace, your fun.. true - this was my own experience.

My whole life elevated from connecting the dots around my Archetypes and uncovering the subconscious belief system about money and wealth, sabotaging my own success!



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