GenX Women around the world are learning how to empower their Sacred Money Archetypes® and transform their lives!


Would you like to tap into your natural superpowers and breakthrough the glass ceilings in your life?

Most Women don't see themselves as powerful when it comes to earning, receiving, keeping, growing money. Yet each of us have a path to wealth that is connected from our soul's authentic truth

Sacred Money Archetypes® reveal these tools to you, so that you can move out of the shadows and into greater prosperity and purpose. Once you know which are yours, you can instantly begin aligning back to your strengths and start up-levelling your love life, your health, your peace, your fun.. true - this was my own experience.

My whole life elevated from connecting the dots around my Archetypes and uncovering the subconscious belief system about money and wealth, sabotaging my own success!



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