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Feeling Wealthy at Home to Create More Cashflow - 7 Day Activation

Jun 22, 2020

The desire for a higher place than where we might find ourselves in today, is one we can think about lots! 

We've heard those messages that 'only the rich get richer' and 'you've got to have money to make money' throughout our years, but are they really a truth?

Depends what we choose as an individual

The last ten years I've been exploring my whole way of thinking, from learning how to manifest simple to extra juicy, the phrasing of our language, certain words that we express, our personal energy fields and vibration levels, the impact of our self-evaluation levels, the toxicity of 'fear leadership and marketing',  and the sheer freedom when we connect to our true authenticity!

Many of us have a belief that runs very deep, that wealth is 'wrong' 

I Wonder what people were seeing around them, what they were scared for, that they needed to instil this message into us as children? It's a lot to unpack isn't it!

Did they not want us to get our hopes up, minimise the pain...

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Stimulate your local community with JobKeeper $

May 03, 2020

What is the new JobKeeper payment (Australia) ?

Due to COVID-19, Australian government restrictions have meant that many employers have been forced to stand down employees or to dramatically reduce their hours. The JobKeeper payment is a government subsidy aimed for sole traders to keep a salary coming in, for employees to receive wages and help employers to keep great people who help grow their business.

This positively impacts million, who are now eligible to receive fortnightly payments of $1,500 (before tax) regardless of how many hours they work. 

Why am I getting paid so much on JobKeeper?

A lot of Australian workers will be getting paid more for doing less with JobKeeper payments than they were before COVID-19. It may seem too good to be true, right?

But actually, this is a government stimulus payment designed to not only help businesses through this crisis, but for YOU to stimulate our economy with the payments. 

Here's 10 Ideas you can spread the joy and...

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8 Ideas to increasing your cashflow during COVID-19

Apr 07, 2020

Support, Save, Suspend & Secrets! 
8 ideas to increasing your cashflow during COVID-19


1. Keep your support systems

If your gym has now moved online for classes, keep taking them. If your counsellor, health specialists, nutrition, spiritual go to people are online stay with them. You are the prime investment, protect and nurture you completely. 


2. Invest in Systems

Identify the gaps in your business where it impacts on your Customer Experience, or your Income Producing Activities.

For example Get a cloud based accounting setup .. they can start around $20 a month!

Look after your money sends a message that you can look after more.

Learn, Implement, Outsource to improve and solve so that it either take less time each time you do it, which means you give yourself a pay-rise in your hourly rate. Or you have a higher conversion rate from Awareness to Purchase.


3. Branding Elements

Refresh your brand! Review the visual story you are presenting and...

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Woohoo GenX!

Time we embrace ourselves as Worthy, Wealthy Women!

Join in as we explore what that is, and can be..