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11 Ways to Raise the Prosperity Vibes in your Home Office

Mar 31, 2021

Albert Einstein said.. 'Everything is Energy'

Just like picking up on different radio stations frequency, we can influence whether we are transmitting at low or high vibration.

The higher your vibration, (Upward Spiral) the more authentic you are, and the more capable you'll be of tuning into what you really want and then manifesting it in the world.

This Mindset Tool can help shift by one small step, then the next, from those times you are way down low on the spiral, in grief, pain, guilt, shame, doubt.

Moving just one emotion up the spiral will make a big difference to you! We begin to feel those impacts and we know are teaching ourselves how to trade up the emotion. 

We can go up and down these spirals daily! Getting to live in our best life means moving higher up the spiral and understanding how to stay within a small range change.

Here's a few fun ideas for raising the vibration into your Office space


1. Use a crystal water glass

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How your Archetype 'fear' shows up in Pricing your Services & Creations

Mar 11, 2021

Each of the 8 Sacred Money Archetypes® can make money, lots of money. Each can have Premium clientele which means less 'burned out and broke' for you as a Service provider, and Creatives, and a higher quality User Experience (UX) for your juicy jewel clients and they become advocates for your business real fast.

If you haven't as yet taken the Quiz to find out the Top 3 Archetypes that make your unique Money Personality - then click through to this free starter pack to begin

I've put together a Critical Key in what to be aware of about the 'shadow side' that will act as a fear driver from your Archetype when it comes to putting your offers together, price range that you bring to market. 

What you will default to is another way to understand this. The gap is that your Archetype may not be the Archetype you wish to attract! 

How do you know which ones are a great match, and how to magnetise them to you.. I have a fabulous Guidebook called 'What to do, What not to...

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'CoGrow' gave me a new sense of self-compassion, and I wasn't alone!

Feb 25, 2021

Delighted to share this 'first timer's experience' attending a CoGrow Workshop shared below from Liane Morris... 


"Last week I found myself having an inspirational experience. I was surrounded by women my own age or similar who ran their own businesses. We had come together to challenge ourselves and learn from the wisdom of Sharyn Swan – The Dot Connector, through her Co-Grow Mastermind Workshop.

Sharyn is a highly experienced transformational business coach who specialises in working with Generation X women. She has chosen this particular target market because of the unique challenges women of this age group face. It is this generation of women who were first adopters of the technology we all use today – computers, internet, social media & mobile technology.

We still remember learning to type – on a typewriter, or our first computer course (MS-DOS anyone?). We were raised with a high work ethic, a culture that expected us to sacrifice...

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7 Steps to Financial Peace of Mind

Aug 14, 2020

There are Women who want to 'make millions, and billions' and the pursuit of those figures is a life force of its own, that quest is paramount in their thoughts and actions every day.

There are Women who aren't excited by Money or the 'making of it' or do they feel drawn to becoming a money magnet, but rather the appeal of security, freedom to live on their own terms and having 'peace of mind' when they think of money in their life is what they express and are deeply seeking a ways to get there.

There are 7 Steps I teach my clients who want either of the above - it is essentially the same!

As GenX Women, we are coming into our mid-life with a loads of questions. Who am I now? What value can I still offer? Do I still have to, have it all? Do others still expect me to want to have it all? Do I want to change direction, business, careers? 

Equally at the same time asking 'What do the kids need?' 'What do my elderly parents need' 'How can we pay down the...

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Shutting down the pain of Comparison-itis

Aug 06, 2020

'I've said NO to endless opportunities, and I see how huge the impact has really been on me. I did that because I had an obsession with comparison.'

'It hurts to talk about this, because I don't think I can without feeling embarrassed about it! That a grown woman, nearly 50 can still be doing this stuff like a school girl'

'I just want to give this up, stop killing my own happiness with doing it and finding new ways to stay doing it'

'It used to be in sport mainly, and then when I got into a new career path it began showing up often. I put it down as being a female minority with a boys club led establishment. But soon found out that the main pain was coming from my own punishment actions, and I found this out as I left to start my own business.

'I delayed getting proposals out, I delayed posting on social media or sending out newsletters, I delayed accepting invitations to events till last minute - because I'd be checking who was attending and if I could 'hold my own'...

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What number will give you Freedom?

Jul 01, 2020

We move into a new Financial Year, closing off the previous 52 weeks.

For many it will be a celebration of reaching significant milestone (or numerous ones), above and beyond what they could never have imagined as greatly as what has showed up. For others a reflection on getting 'nearly there' identifying the tweaks, keen for this new round. For others they did not get here at all, their business became a casualty of one or more things that derailed that version of their dream.

So here we are setting out again. What would you like the story to look like across the next 52 weeks?

Two things I invite you to do before you set sail


1) Write down the truth, the real inner stuff why your business exists

Start with this - Pretend like you are telling it to the kids, or your cat or dog!  start here

We all want our special loved ones to see us. We can make that hard, and keep the truth from them because it seems silly, not important, not a priority,...

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Feeling Wealthy at Home to Create More Cashflow - 7 Day Activation

Jun 22, 2020

The desire for a higher place than where we might find ourselves in today, is one we can think about lots! 

We've heard those messages that 'only the rich get richer' and 'you've got to have money to make money' throughout our years, but are they really a truth?

Depends what we choose as an individual

The last ten years I've been exploring my whole way of thinking, from learning how to manifest simple to extra juicy, the phrasing of our language, certain words that we express, our personal energy fields and vibration levels, the impact of our self-evaluation levels, the toxicity of 'fear leadership and marketing',  and the sheer freedom when we connect to our true authenticity!

Many of us have a belief that runs very deep, that wealth is 'wrong' 

I Wonder what people were seeing around them, what they were scared for, that they needed to instil this message into us as children? It's a lot to unpack isn't it!

Did they not want us to get our hopes up, minimise the pain...

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How to love on your Sacred Money Archetypes® this Weekend

Jun 11, 2020

Enjoying your Weekend means different things to every one of us.

From a view of your Sacred Money Archetypes® we can exhaust ourselves without benefit, pushing away prosperity, and peace, by not finding the real joy we desire, and chasing stuff we don’t need!

Why not make your weekend plans with a view to restore positive prosperity energy through these tips specifically for your unique Primary Archetypes (Money Personality)

Don't know 'What your Sacred Money Archetypes® are?' Take the Quiz and Get the Secret Sauce Introductions all inside the 'Crack Your Money Code, Free Mini-Course' CLICK HERE


What are the local places you have been going to visit for ages? A new cafe, winery, restaurant. Or that band, artist you have been resisting getting tickets for? Then book yourself in for dinner and the show!

The next activity will be to check out what is stashed in your cupboard, those things ‘saved for good’ the outfit, the accessories, the china,...

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Woohoo GenX!

Time we embrace ourselves as Worthy, Wealthy Women!

Join in as we explore what that is, and can be..