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11 Ways to Raise the Prosperity Vibes in your Home Office

Mar 31, 2021

Albert Einstein said.. 'Everything is Energy'

Just like picking up on different radio stations frequency, we can influence whether we are transmitting at low or high vibration.

The higher your vibration, (Upward Spiral) the more authentic you are, and the more capable you'll be of tuning into what you really want and then manifesting it in the world.

This Mindset Tool can help shift by one small step, then the next, from those times you are way down low on the spiral, in grief, pain, guilt, shame, doubt.

Moving just one emotion up the spiral will make a big difference to you! We begin to feel those impacts and we know are teaching ourselves how to trade up the emotion. 

We can go up and down these spirals daily! Getting to live in our best life means moving higher up the spiral and understanding how to stay within a small range change.

Here's a few fun ideas for raising the vibration into your Office space


1. Use a crystal water glass

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'CoGrow' gave me a new sense of self-compassion, and I wasn't alone!

Feb 25, 2021

Delighted to share this 'first timer's experience' attending a CoGrow Workshop shared below from Liane Morris... 


"Last week I found myself having an inspirational experience. I was surrounded by women my own age or similar who ran their own businesses. We had come together to challenge ourselves and learn from the wisdom of Sharyn Swan – The Dot Connector, through her Co-Grow Mastermind Workshop.

Sharyn is a highly experienced transformational business coach who specialises in working with Generation X women. She has chosen this particular target market because of the unique challenges women of this age group face. It is this generation of women who were first adopters of the technology we all use today – computers, internet, social media & mobile technology.

We still remember learning to type – on a typewriter, or our first computer course (MS-DOS anyone?). We were raised with a high work ethic, a culture that expected us to sacrifice...

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I watched these older Women in battle to be seen and heard

Feb 15, 2021

I want to share with you what I watched and heard happen on Saturday.

I was attending a small event for Women hosted by a great business who does customer relationship really well.

As the women were arriving I noticed that many of them were in their late sixties and over. I was the youngest in the room ;)

I am a keen observer of people when I'm out and about wondering what someone's story is, how that has influenced them to how they are 'being' today.

As I've got older, and done lots and lots of work on my own inner stuff and embraced the shadows and let the light in I've become more connected to feeling people's emotional pain whether in person or online, it is powerful.

The hour I spent in the space with these women overwhelmed me with sadness!  Sooooo much of it!

One woman after another was speaking over each other

One woman after another was seeking attention from the host, in various forms

One woman after another was talking in justification speak of why she was there


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Apps that Grow my Business Profit

Aug 19, 2020

I often get asked about what Apps, Software tools I use in my business.

I am a solopreneur, teaching online and offline workshops and coach one to one in bespoke appointments. I have my support team of specialists who work from their homes/office spaces

My first tip - Consider your business goals, the income model you operate from, and what you want to manage, reduce, solve, simplify.


For my setup the apps/tools I choose must meet one or more of the following;

1. Enhance the client experience, create a feeling of ease 

2. Convey a visual and emotional connection of my brand

3. Clear, quality communication, Streamlines tasks and time allocation

4. Provide up to date key data easily accessible

5. Gives me freedom for when and where I work


Key ones me and my team use every week or multiple times a day that meet the above all the above and help deliver growth in the cashflow and bottom line profits.


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7 Steps to Financial Peace of Mind

Aug 14, 2020

There are Women who want to 'make millions, and billions' and the pursuit of those figures is a life force of its own, that quest is paramount in their thoughts and actions every day.

There are Women who aren't excited by Money or the 'making of it' or do they feel drawn to becoming a money magnet, but rather the appeal of security, freedom to live on their own terms and having 'peace of mind' when they think of money in their life is what they express and are deeply seeking a ways to get there.

There are 7 Steps I teach my clients who want either of the above - it is essentially the same!

As GenX Women, we are coming into our mid-life with a loads of questions. Who am I now? What value can I still offer? Do I still have to, have it all? Do others still expect me to want to have it all? Do I want to change direction, business, careers? 

Equally at the same time asking 'What do the kids need?' 'What do my elderly parents need' 'How can we pay down the...

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Shutting down the pain of Comparison-itis

Aug 06, 2020

'I've said NO to endless opportunities, and I see how huge the impact has really been on me. I did that because I had an obsession with comparison.'

'It hurts to talk about this, because I don't think I can without feeling embarrassed about it! That a grown woman, nearly 50 can still be doing this stuff like a school girl'

'I just want to give this up, stop killing my own happiness with doing it and finding new ways to stay doing it'

'It used to be in sport mainly, and then when I got into a new career path it began showing up often. I put it down as being a female minority with a boys club led establishment. But soon found out that the main pain was coming from my own punishment actions, and I found this out as I left to start my own business.

'I delayed getting proposals out, I delayed posting on social media or sending out newsletters, I delayed accepting invitations to events till last minute - because I'd be checking who was attending and if I could 'hold my own'...

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'How do I get my Hubbie on board with my Business?'

Jul 15, 2020

This question came in for my 'Cuppa & Chat Q+A' this week.

Read Below or Watch the Live Video Here

'I am building a business with xxxxxx a direct sales company. How do I get my hubbie on board with my business?'

Huge question!

It's one I've worked on for years. One of my stories in my background was that I was with a global skincare and cosmetics company our team was deep and wide, and hundreds and hundreds of women who came in, and fell in love with the product, and then decided,

"How could I actually earn some money from my love of the product and telling other people about it?" It's a natural process that we are communicators as women, we love letting people know of great deals, hey, you should try that restaurant, or, there's a handbag sale or what, on. That's just our natural way of being, so it's really a great fit to be a social rep, working with a brand that's taken care of so many other things, the literature and the marketing material and the product...

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Stimulate your local community with JobKeeper $

May 03, 2020

What is the new JobKeeper payment (Australia) ?

Due to COVID-19, Australian government restrictions have meant that many employers have been forced to stand down employees or to dramatically reduce their hours. The JobKeeper payment is a government subsidy aimed for sole traders to keep a salary coming in, for employees to receive wages and help employers to keep great people who help grow their business.

This positively impacts million, who are now eligible to receive fortnightly payments of $1,500 (before tax) regardless of how many hours they work. 

Why am I getting paid so much on JobKeeper?

A lot of Australian workers will be getting paid more for doing less with JobKeeper payments than they were before COVID-19. It may seem too good to be true, right?

But actually, this is a government stimulus payment designed to not only help businesses through this crisis, but for YOU to stimulate our economy with the payments. 

Here's 10 Ideas you can spread the joy and...

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5 Words that Keep You from having Peace in your Day!

Apr 21, 2020

I want to talk about five words, or five understandings, that are really taking away more peace out of your life and, if you were make some switch-outs and changes, what extra joy could you have flowing into your life, because we all want more peace, more play, more prosperity, right?


1. Blame

The first one is ‘blame’. Where we’re using blame in words are “I blame that person for that” or “I blame that situation”, there has to be blame for it. There is so much intentions and around that there has to be a responsible situation that someone needs to take ownership, and often it is a frustration that you come with, and you wanna push that out, that you have no connection with that situation. By removing that word out of your dialogue, then you got great. There was a situation that happened and we now need to deal with the facts, we now have to deal with understanding with the opportunity to learn, and how could we improve the next time.

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Woohoo GenX!

Time we embrace ourselves as Worthy, Wealthy Women!

Join in as we explore what that is, and can be..