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'How do I get my Hubbie on board with my Business?'

Jul 15, 2020

This question came in for my 'Cuppa & Chat Q+A' this week.

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'I am building a business with xxxxxx a direct sales company. How do I get my hubbie on board with my business?'

Huge question!

It's one I've worked on for years. One of my stories in my background was that I was with a global skincare and cosmetics company our team was deep and wide, and hundreds and hundreds of women who came in, and fell in love with the product, and then decided,

"How could I actually earn some money from my love of the product and telling other people about it?" It's a natural process that we are communicators as women, we love letting people know of great deals, hey, you should try that restaurant, or, there's a handbag sale or what, on. That's just our natural way of being, so it's really a great fit to be a social rep, working with a brand that's taken care of so many other things, the literature and the marketing material and the product...

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