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'CoGrow' gave me a new sense of self-compassion, and I wasn't alone!

Feb 25, 2021

Delighted to share this 'first timer's experience' attending a CoGrow Workshop shared below from Liane Morris... 


"Last week I found myself having an inspirational experience. I was surrounded by women my own age or similar who ran their own businesses. We had come together to challenge ourselves and learn from the wisdom of Sharyn Swan – The Dot Connector, through her Co-Grow Mastermind Workshop.

Sharyn is a highly experienced transformational business coach who specialises in working with Generation X women. She has chosen this particular target market because of the unique challenges women of this age group face. It is this generation of women who were first adopters of the technology we all use today – computers, internet, social media & mobile technology.

We still remember learning to type – on a typewriter, or our first computer course (MS-DOS anyone?). We were raised with a high work ethic, a culture that expected us to sacrifice...

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Apps that Grow my Business Profit

Aug 19, 2020

I often get asked about what Apps, Software tools I use in my business.

I am a solopreneur, teaching online and offline workshops and coach one to one in bespoke appointments. I have my support team of specialists who work from their homes/office spaces

My first tip - Consider your business goals, the income model you operate from, and what you want to manage, reduce, solve, simplify.


For my setup the apps/tools I choose must meet one or more of the following;

1. Enhance the client experience, create a feeling of ease 

2. Convey a visual and emotional connection of my brand

3. Clear, quality communication, Streamlines tasks and time allocation

4. Provide up to date key data easily accessible

5. Gives me freedom for when and where I work


Key ones me and my team use every week or multiple times a day that meet the above all the above and help deliver growth in the cashflow and bottom line profits.


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Woohoo GenX!

Time we embrace ourselves as Worthy, Wealthy Women!

Join in as we explore what that is, and can be..