8 Ideas to increasing your cashflow during COVID-19

Apr 07, 2020

Support, Save, Suspend & Secrets! 
8 ideas to increasing your cashflow during COVID-19


1. Keep your support systems

If your gym has now moved online for classes, keep taking them. If your counsellor, health specialists, nutrition, spiritual go to people are online stay with them. You are the prime investment, protect and nurture you completely. 


2. Invest in Systems

Identify the gaps in your business where it impacts on your Customer Experience, or your Income Producing Activities.

For example Get a cloud based accounting setup .. they can start around $20 a month!

Look after your money sends a message that you can look after more.

Learn, Implement, Outsource to improve and solve so that it either take less time each time you do it, which means you give yourself a pay-rise in your hourly rate. Or you have a higher conversion rate from Awareness to Purchase.


3. Branding Elements

Refresh your brand! Review the visual story you are presenting and...

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