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How to love on your Sacred Money Archetypes® this Weekend

money mindset sacred money archetypes® Jun 11, 2020

Enjoying your Weekend means different things to every one of us.

From a view of your Sacred Money Archetypes® we can exhaust ourselves without benefit, pushing away prosperity, and peace, by not finding the real joy we desire, and chasing stuff we don’t need!

Why not make your weekend plans with a view to restore positive prosperity energy through these tips specifically for your unique Primary Archetypes (Money Personality)

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What are the local places you have been going to visit for ages? A new cafe, winery, restaurant. Or that band, artist you have been resisting getting tickets for? Then book yourself in for dinner and the show!

The next activity will be to check out what is stashed in your cupboard, those things ‘saved for good’ the outfit, the accessories, the china, the pampering goodies! Get in and enjoy some of those this weekend!


All those ideas constantly streaming into your brain!! Waking up at 4am or not even getting to off to sleep easily

You could enjoy tuning out for awhile, that could be a day spa pamper, a bubble bath and candles to begin the unwinding – put a sign on the bathroom door that checks you out for the next hour from the family!

Plan an explore in nature, get the sand between your toes, smell the fresh scents within the rainforest, take a bush trail, setup a picnic in the yard!


You don’t need any inspiration to be out and about, happening events, meeting old and new friends, the latest venues.

So make a list of more unusual places for you to explore, head a little further out, connect with activities that you find more meaning in. Perhaps there is a social cause you can contribute your social presence with?

Having a deeper sense of fulfilment with your fun will make the experience last longer in your recollections!


Are you planning your weekend for everyone else’s needs to be met? Are you over scheduling your catchups? Is there any ‘free time’

What will you do for your own-self? How will you be rejuvenated? What would be nice for you to experience on your own, just for you? Is this pampering time, a walk, reading a book, taking a new course to up-skill, listening to a podcast to up level your self value


You spend most days looking at ways to run the risk, take chances, play the game, hustle and race. It can be thrilling and adrenalin pumping right!

How do you recharge from that expenditure? What permission do you gift yourself to turn away from that for a change.

Some weekends an experience that you have less control in will top you up, or doing some ‘daring’ physical activity!

But also learn about local history, take a visit to pioneering places that were the Mavericks of their time will refresh your view


Oh who’s house are you helping to move this weekend? Who is unwell and you are cooking up meals for? Who’s kids are you having for a sleepover?

You love all of those for sure, and they do fill your cup… BUT this is your go-to norm and the constant giving out leaves you depleted. It can cause you to crash BIG if you dont take a break from it

Re-set time – say NO for one weekend!! Write a list of things you would do if no-one else had booked your time in…. Now treat yourself to time enjoying the list!


Are you off on another buying weekend, shopping for more delicious goodies, planning another getaway with family and friends. Those are all fun and you love love love it.

So the challenge for you is a home-stay and re-connecting with what is already in your space. Clear out some cupboards, find treasure within your existing supplies and restyle a room, your wardrobe.

Take the challenge to spend no money this weekend!!


Time to take a break from running the Empire! At least for a few days!

Workaholics, Over-thinkers, Impatient for Outcomes – phew! It’s go, go go in the brain, in your physicality, in the energy you dish out for the team and the mission.

This can show up with over-planning your ‘time off’. High expectations of how to get projects started and done within 48hours. Multi-tasking to crazy heights fights your Empowering Money Mindset of ‘achieving prosperity with grace and ease’

Time to get the popcorn out, flick on a movie, turn off the notifications and chillax!


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