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Stimulate your local community with JobKeeper $

live my best life money tips May 03, 2020

What is the new JobKeeper payment (Australia) ?

Due to COVID-19, Australian government restrictions have meant that many employers have been forced to stand down employees or to dramatically reduce their hours. The JobKeeper payment is a government subsidy aimed for sole traders to keep a salary coming in, for employees to receive wages and help employers to keep great people who help grow their business.

This positively impacts million, who are now eligible to receive fortnightly payments of $1,500 (before tax) regardless of how many hours they work. 

Why am I getting paid so much on JobKeeper?

A lot of Australian workers will be getting paid more for doing less with JobKeeper payments than they were before COVID-19. It may seem too good to be true, right?

But actually, this is a government stimulus payment designed to not only help businesses through this crisis, but for YOU to stimulate our economy with the payments. 

Here's 10 Ideas you can spread the joy and encourage community!

  1. Send flowers to a friend who may be in ISO alone
  2. Shout a friend who's been heavily impacted to breakkie at your local coffee shop
  3. Take a break from cooking and treat your family to takeaway once a week
  4. Purchase beauty products from salons who have been forced to close
  5. Buy gift certificates from businesses who are closed temporarily
  6. Subscribe to a local gym's online fitness program
  7. Get cracking on your Christmas shopping for your kids or grandkids
  8. Purchase some boardgames to play with the kids or grandkids (and reduce their screen time)
  9. Send wine to a friend who is working from home and trying to homeschool
  10. Buy your fruit & veg from your local green grocer instead of a big supermarket

The JobKeeper government package has been designed for YOU to stimulate our economy, so go ahead and stimulate it!

Thanks to the fabulous Emma Baxter, YOUtax for sharing her expertise

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