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using sacred money archetypes to attract more money

What feeling of luxury your Sacred Money Archetype® needs, to attract more money

being a wealthy woman sacred money archetypes® Jun 11, 2021

Growing up I didn’t know the word ‘luxury’, I had no clue what it meant. I doubt I ever heard anyone use the word at all in our circle of friends, family, the sporting and community places where we spent most of our week.

That doesn’t mean the concept was not there.

What we certainly heard were the expressions of 'that's too expensive' ‘we can’t afford that’ around clothes, appliances, activities, schools, toys! Our family's circle of influence all had these same attitudes. 

When there was a great day being enjoyed, a situation that was fabulous. The adults would use the expression ‘well I wonder what the poor people are doing today’!

You may have been on a family picnic, outstretched along a river somewhere out in woop-woop, accompanied by the portable gas bbq, the esky, plastic plates, a thermos of hot water for a cuppa and of course the checkered picnic blanket and nylon strapped folding chairs. It was the sensation of all was well in the world and look at us being able to have this.

Growing up in the seventies, eighties - our main entertainment was to gather together with other families every week, all year round. There was laughter, games, cards, adults and kids all in.

My first understanding of luxury was centred around food!

The delicious goodies ‘brought out’ on Christmas Eve or Day that you never saw again for the entire year. Chocolate covered almonds, cashews, leg ham you sliced right off the bone, sticky cranberry sauce, and apple cider!

There were rules though! Like keeping them for the guests, or that you weren’t allowed to pick through the mixed nuts raiding the better ones. In later years these treats would expand to include fresh prawns, and wait for it avocado! 


We were raised in a time where we were expected to pitch in and help. Chores to do to keep the home and yard, tidy and 'respectable'. There was expectations, a necessary level of presentation, in our neighbourhoods. Yes, our Sunday outfits were saved specifically for then.

When guests came for a dinner party, we used ‘those’ things we had kept in the glass and timber display cupboard - those ones that were always saved for ‘best’. Plates, cutlery, linens, drinking glasses, the coffee set. Select a special crystal glass vase for the centrepiece and cut fresh flowers from the garden.

Often there was a story around each 'best' item. Who had gifted it to them as a wedding or engagement present, or they were Aunty Flo's - you know your Grandma's, Grandma's sister... 

All these details, the expected level of care and social protocols, required. It was non-negotiable sense of luxury - yet we had no awareness... 


It is the ‘feeling’ of luxury that is the focus. What surrounds your senses and elevates your good vibes in the upward spiral towards -  the presence of empowerment, hope, love, joy, peace is the energetic law of attraction for more money!


Sacred Money Archetypes® are our emotional DNA, patterns of behaviour that sit within our subconscious and guide our daily decision making when it comes to money and our money mindset. In the subconscious sits our memory bank. A vast reserve, where every experience - good, bad, ugly that we have through our five senses - hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste, plus our emotional responses and reactions to those have been stored. We are truly only aware of a tiny portion into our logical space. 

{At the end of this article are details on how you can find out which Sacred Money Archetypes® make up your unique Money Code.}

There are 8 Sacred Money Archetypes® - Accumulator, Alchemist, Celebrity, Connector, Maverick, Nurturer, Romantic, Ruler. You have a Top 3 of those 8, that create your unique Money Code. It is fascinating to see the Strengths, Gifts that are naturally yours coming to the light, where you can really observe and choose to empower yourself to access your authentic path to wealth.

What feels luxurious to one Sacred Money Archetype® will be very different to another. These responses will trigger your challenges, the shadow side - connected to the subconscious memory bank where it can be heightened by the repetition or severity of the experiences stored. 


I help Gen X Women connect the dots to the dreams, goals, achievements they desire - by showing them how to integrate their Sacred Money Archetypes© into life, career, business functions. 

We utilise beautifully designed exercises that powerfully reveal the hidden stories that have been acting as glass ceiling limitations, saboteurs, derailing their success, fulfilment, wealth, freedom, impact in the world.

Even our love life is influenced by our beliefs around money. How we do money is how we do life!

So what feels luxurious to your individual Sacred Money Archetype©? 

I’ll introduce you to their perspective of this question….



  • Has the most difficult time connecting to luxury or the sense of being luxurious.
  • Their default setting is anticipation of stockpiling resources for a ‘rainy day’.
  • They are so good at being financially responsible and independent that drives them to be super sensitive to the suggestion of luxury.
  • This word means to them - optional, above other choices, not essential. 
  • The opportunity for the Accumulator is that to ‘feel luxurious’ does not mean a the sacrifice of security (money)
  • Start by using things within your home that you consider ‘better quality’ more frequently.
  • Take a long bath, use salts, lotions, face masks that are sitting in the vanity drawer.
  • Choose music that you would think of as rich, upper class, classical elegance. Build your awareness of how you feel after these starter experiences.
  • What can you be ready for next? 



  • Is all about the emotional connection!
  • It is vital for Alchemists to be in surroundings that deposit into their internal inspiration wells they then use to create ideas and solutions for self and others.
  • They crave connection to natural order, at the simplest levels
  • The ebb and flow of a rolling wave coming and leaving the shoreline.
  • The four seasons of deciduous trees, from golden/reds to the bare branches to the flourishes of green. 
  • The opportunity for Alchemist is that ‘feeling luxurious’ is an earthing & spiritual relationship
  • As in nature, as in humans, the translation of these rhythms into human dynamics and empowerment.
  • Anything that is adding to their toolkit to assist transformation, possibility and champion others. 
  • Precious gems, sparkly metals, aesthetic lines of design
  • Theatrical experimental food, hands-on play, personable, intimate music performances are a requirement to be able for them to deliver on their mission of positive change.


  • They are magnetised toward the feeling of luxury, their senses tingle,
  • They are drawn into the warmth in a place where they are surrounded by displays of appreciation, adoration, and love.
  • They are right at home with the exclusivity of paying a premium to have something extra, and some, unique, wow.
  • They do love sharing it with their gal pack too! It’s part of the appeal.
  • Rallies, galas, large conventions, recognition, on-stage, cheering, confetti falling from the sky.
  • They will absorb every detail of the element that is in the space!
  • The opportunity for the Celebrity is to connect to that energy supply without throwing tonnes of cash to get it, access it, live it.
  • Collaboration is a great way to gain that sensation of luxury without a big money outlay.
  • Who can you advocate for, source samples to enjoy at home, speak to their audience.
  • Even hiring outfits rather than making volumes of seasonal purchases.
  • Look for two for one offers on events, share with a friend.



  • Most of life can feel luxurious to them!
  • A ‘details sch-metails’ outlook on life, they are easily ready and available to be in the mix of experiences.
  • They want to bring everyone along, they have a wide wide network, everyone is a friend!
  • Given they are hearts on sleeve people, they believe everyone is or should be.
  • They always want to be in the vibe of that energy and constantly looking for ways to access it.
  • The opportunity for Connectors is to help others embrace the essence of joy they see, to show how to accept luxury as a food group!
  • They have a talent for this at micro levels they don’t even know they do daily.
  • An afternoon of arts and crafts, getting play time, building a sand castle, creating special cocktails with sensual ingredients, organic elements.



  • With their love of the flamboyant and the driven ambition they bring naturally, what feels luxurious to them is - adrenalin!
  • They seek the thrill, the chase, power, those rushing moments of victory in their own achievements of that of a team.
  • The celebrations will be elite, housed in ‘well I deserve this’ without question or answering to anyone else, given my accomplishment.
  • Their luxury can look very 5 Star, limited edition, exclusive destination, one to one time with an role model, icon,
  • The opportunity for Mavericks is to mix it up!
  • Have smaller moments more regularly.
  • Get more creative, research ideas.
  • Rather than always be in the at all costs chase for mega returns, choose to pepper in those little games for a little rewards - tasters of tangible elements in their visual space that fuel their risk passion and keep them alert to trend spotting. 
  • What can you be ready for next? 



  • When they are in the midst of a memory making moment they are on cloud nine!
  • It's all in the details of these moments
  • The environment - extremes of weather - snow cold, tropical warm, the location, remote access, the colours and selections of food, the supporting pieces (china, flowers, glassware) the choices 
  • There must be a high visual appeal for all, and there must be multiple offers on each layer for it to feel decadent and totally being in the vibration of their highest self. 
  • The opportunity for Nurturers is that ‘feeling luxurious’ is not all about the performance for everyone else to enjoy that exhausts them as the arranger, creator.
  • Their show stopping moments can overwhelm others that they disconnect which will leave the Nurturer completely undone and shocked.
  • Nurturers, where can you self soothe in mini settings that elevate your bubble of protection and energy?
  • What juicy slice of a wider event can you create for just you?
  • Grazing platter for one, a full day at the spa, a cosy window seat with book, pot of tea



  • They are the go to gurus when it comes to ‘feeling luxurious’
  • They know what that is, what it looks like, and they desire to live their daily life in that zone.. Every day!
  • Their passion for pleasure is next level! They are never short on ideas and suggestions of what to do, where to go. They are the conversation starter for ‘hey guys lets do this, go here’ 
  • The opportunity for Romantics is to help others connect to what ‘feeling luxurious’ is. It is so easy for them to do this.
  • They are great storytellers. Hold events, retreats around it
  • Focus on each of the senses and how you can bring the person closer to the WOW moment.
  • Use varying textures, smooth, coarse, lightweight.
  • Voluptuous fabrics that can surround one, curvaceous design, and layered with fragrance!
  • Expand on someone’s usual palette of cuisine where spices, baking combinations are enhanced


  • They can acknowledge that luxury is there, and they sort of like it, but it’s very specific.
  • They may not be looking for it in say driving a luxury car or having a gazillion dollar designer hand-bag.
  • They will be more inspired by the ‘feeling of luxuriousness’ when it comes to enjoying the Diamond ticket experience at a personal development event,
  • Which includes back-stage intimate dinner with the stars and of course a photo opportunity or personally signed book and other momentoes.
  • The opportunity for Rulers is to bring a greater feeling of luxury into their workaholic timetable.
  • This will involve trading permission to do so. It could look like a long lunch with friends, or having hours on the beach on a weekday!
  • Saying yes to a weekend at a remote location (yep no wifi) 
  • Freedom is a highly valued luxury!
  • What can you be ready for next? 


When your Sacred Money Archetype® is empowered in 'feeling luxurious' it is an energetic law that it escalates your exposure to opportunities, being in the right conversation, attracting money - making more money, with more ease and grace.

What ideas have sprung forth from these suggestions? Have you got a list ready to explore?


‘Feeling luxurious’ will have its own baggage, gathered from your experiences since birth that dominate your beliefs around what you see as possible or exceptional. Where ‘luxury’ is seen to be bad, wrong, optional


What have other people taught you around this, where to stay put within the boundaries, otherwise you may just be getting ‘too big for your britches young lady’

If we are dreaming to have a ‘best life’ and we talk about all the amazing things that we would love to enjoy, then we must stop suppressing our imagination with lower levels of alternatives by way of saying, but this other thing will do. It’s your best life - talk without limitation!


May there be big blessings all around you,


If you don’t know which Sacred Money Archetypes® you are, then take the quiz!

It’s a really well crafted assessment of various money statements, and you choose a response range from strongly agree right through to a strongly disagree. It’s easily accessible online and takes around 8-10minutes.

You’ll receive your results straight away. I have prepared a bio on each Archetype for you to get instant access to.

You can access the Quiz CLICK HERE

If you already know your Top 3 Sacred Money Archetypes® and are looking to learn how to integrate these into your life more, empowering your unique path to wealth (yes every Archetype can be rich!!) I have some great ideas for you.

Blog Photo sourced from Style Shoot Social Library

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