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Productivity as Women business owners

Productivity when is it enough for our inner critic, GenX?

live my best life sacred money archetypes® Apr 27, 2021
GenXers are strong, resilient, out of the box thinkers.
We also have a drive that we can create 'over-working' most things - an idea, time, service, delivery, care, love...
What does 'being productive' look like about yourself?
Until recent years my version of that looked quite punishing.
I was caught up in expectations that looong hours, and being accessible early or late hours was what showed productive attitude!
Not sure who I needed to keep showing that display to,  when I became self-employed in 2002!
Well yes I do - it was my family.
It actually wasn't their words or actions in reality - but my own stories that surely they must need to see me 'doing' stuff in order to believe in my ability to create and run my own business.
Or that I would tempt these words from my husband 'when are you going to go and get a real job'. He has never said those words, even though I many times felt the floor fall away from my success. There have been long seasons were I was deep in the valley, scrapping it together to make it work and my drive to always contribute cash towards our life.
The old 'more month than money' was real and I took that on like a ball and chain of responsibility that I had to do, do, do more to catch-up.
I'd be out for a walk at 9am after school drop off and my mind talk was berating myself for not being 'in doing business' mode. Or I'd stay up till midnight 'doing' in order to have time off the next day for school holiday activities.
Seriously, when is enough going to be acceptable by my inner critic!!
I can feel all the head nods from the Rulers, Mavericks, Accumulators and Nurturers
How does your Sacred Money Archetypes® respond to 'being productive'? What is the default theme it plays as a soundtrack internally when it's in over-drive and feeding your fears and insecurities?
Rulers - we keep moving the goal posts, all day, all month that we lose what we determine to be 'enough'- there is no clarity. That productivity and perfectly done rank together
Mavericks - the sense of impatience from self and others to get it done, tick tick tick fuels us into overdrive and frustration. Scanning constantly for the leverage points.
Accumulator - on our crusades about getting best value from something, we put ourselves under that same expectation that is matched by our high needs of mutual respect
Nurturer - there is someone who needs something - is what lies beneath our daily decisions. Why not kill someone with kindness, why deliver one option when I can easily give 4 and sprinkles on top.
Connector - there is way more thinking about being doing it, than doing it which creates a block to get us started (ooh what's that shiny thing over there) There's not a lot of system in place to support, that means complicating it more than it needs
Alchemists - we dive in deep, into possibilities, creating transformations we desire to bring to life for self and others. As inventors we get lost amongst the ideas for days and then exhausted from having too many options.
Romantics - we resist structure and processes that can help us chunk down those mundane tasks that will ease up the hours that fritter away and find ourselves without the results we want
Celebrities - we want the warmth of attention from the tribes that we connect with, we will be constantly double guessing which choice to make, to offer so best have them all on hand.
What helps in dealing with feeling under productive or striving for productivity will be influenced from your Sacred Money Archetypes® challenges. 
As an Alchemist/Accumulator/Ruler. I have to soften out of structure mode, dialling down the 'solution driving' brain!
My sense of 'being productive' needs these
  • Being tuned in - even though I've scheduled time to now to do that task, if I'm not feeling the vibe, it's heavy and uninspiring - I will reschedule. I now honour that when the vibration feels light, and joyful I bring a higher quality result and often quicker than trudging through the heavy mud of 'should 'must-do' energy.
    Sure there's times that's not possible. But it's not as frequent as you think it is. That's actually another realisation!
  • Flexibility - that things are going to be different to what you would like or imagine. This one is more ongoing project for me!
  • Connected - when I feel drawn to be or do something random I let it in and see what it needs to reveal to me. Always there is something that helps me and influences the project to flourish
  • Fulfilment - circling back around to recall what is the sense of fulfilment for me in this situation. Rather than what is your 'why' which to me, does not reveal the core connection for women.
For those who have a mix of Connector/Romantic/Celebrity likely my ways above won't resonate.
Perhaps you can choose to welcome in processes, data, planning, task and time allocation will become your dearest friends. You won't love the sense of structure, or accountability. But you will love the sense of acknowledgment from 'doing well' and create a reward for reaching it.
Oh... Along with outsourcing and delegating to trusted suppliers!
For Generation X Women who were told we can have it all, that we made that mean we should expect ourselves to want to have it all? What if we don't - who will we let down if we express that truth?
Sounds like a chat for another day...

What showed up for you in connecting to this experience? Come and Share in the comments in our Facebook Group: GenX Women Talk Money, Mindset, Midlife!

Big Blessings,

Sharyn Swan, loves Championing GenX Women to feel valued, confident, soulfully authentic, financially secure, flourishing in mid-life and beyond!

She is moving Women to 'Create Worth, Share Wealth'

Her latest offering is The SMASH Programme, a transformative 12-week money mindset makeover, helping women to embrace themselves as the CEO, crack the money code on their finances and focus their attention where it's needed most.


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