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whats your role in the movie

What's your role in the movie?

being a wealthy woman Nov 06, 2020

The variations of form, personality, aesthetics each human has, we are delightfully, truly uniquely ourselves. Does it spin you out that very rarely do you see people who look identical.

You have what you can do best, easily, lovingly, better than someone who does not have those same gifts or strengths.

What you do need, is understanding. 

Understanding that you have no mistakes as you are, you are not a mishap, you are not an accident, or an after thought, nor a failure.

You need to understand who you are 

You need to understand, in order to interact with the people you are these best one to reach them, the best one to serve them. It's the understanding to 'Know your Role' and star in that space and place

You were given what you have for a need that exists


In this movie called life, we are all part of the cast!

In our businesses, careers we will play a support act to others who have the lead (our customers and teams) In those times we focus on the role we have, and the light and shade we bring to make the entire story way more memorable.

We don't compete with the lead actor, we don't take their lines, we don't walk through their scene, that's not who we are in the movie - because we signed on to be the supporting actor

What you see as lack, or weakness, may be just the difference that contributes to make it an Oscar winning picture.

What does 'lack' look like for you?

What does 'not good enough' look like for you?

What are the things you say 'yeah, but' about yourself?


You might 'be happy' but be in pain at the same time, as you have not yet worked our how to maximise your potential in your role.

People are all at different levels from each other, your customers will be attracted to you because they can feel the sense of common ground shared between your energies. 

The discovery of who you can help the most, who you relate to the most, why so, what is it about their lives and situation can you improve? This is part of why we encourage you to niche your audience and get to know who those 'Jewel' clients for you are


In October, a few of the Top 'How to' Google searches were

1. How to draw

2. How to cook pumpkin seeds

3. How to tie a tie

4. How to clean carpet

5. How to make money from home

People want solutions, people will choose if they want to do it or hire someone to do it for them. People pay LOTS of money in exchange for less pain!

I am going to pay money for things like ironing, sewing, house painting, tiling, cleaning glass, because I have no patience for big projects that are repetitive like that ... urgh! They are things I am going to outsource in a blink of an eye, (even with Accumulator and Ruler in my Money Personality lol!!)


When you can deliver their solution easily and like it's not even something...You interact authentically, because you know who they are, you know who you are, you know your role to play for them.

Now own it girlfriend!

Take a big gulp, speak up, show up, extend your message into the world, be ready to serve, willing to be sort after, delighted to be abundantly wealthy from your gifts!


Big bountiful blessings to you #youvegotthis

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Blog Photo by Trish Evans, Style Shoot Social

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