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Pricing your services as a creative

How your Archetype 'fear' shows up in Pricing your Services & Creations

money mindset sacred money archetypes® Mar 11, 2021

Each of the 8 Sacred Money Archetypes® can make money, lots of money. Each can have Premium clientele which means less 'burned out and broke' for you as a Service provider, and Creatives, and a higher quality User Experience (UX) for your juicy jewel clients and they become advocates for your business real fast.

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I've put together a Critical Key in what to be aware of about the 'shadow side' that will act as a fear driver from your Archetype when it comes to putting your offers together, price range that you bring to market. 

What you will default to is another way to understand this. The gap is that your Archetype may not be the Archetype you wish to attract! 

How do you know which ones are a great match, and how to magnetise them to you.. I have a fabulous Guidebook called 'What to do, What not to Say to your Ideal Client' plus a step by step Matrix to follow with coaching video/audio included in The SMASH Programme









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Big Blessings,

Sharyn Swan, loves Championing GenX Women to feel valued, confident, soulfully authentic, financially secure, flourishing in mid-life and beyond!

She is moving Women to 'Create Worth, Share Wealth'

Her latest offering is The SMASH Programme, a transformative 12-week money mindset makeover, helping women to embrace themselves as the CEO, crack the money code on their finances and focus their attention where it's needed most.

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