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'CoGrow' gave me a new sense of self-compassion, and I wasn't alone!

best business basics live my best life money mindset Feb 25, 2021

Delighted to share this 'first timer's experience' attending a CoGrow Workshop shared below from Liane Morris... 


"Last week I found myself having an inspirational experience. I was surrounded by women my own age or similar who ran their own businesses. We had come together to challenge ourselves and learn from the wisdom of Sharyn Swan – The Dot Connector, through her Co-Grow Mastermind Workshop.

Sharyn is a highly experienced transformational business coach who specialises in working with Generation X women. She has chosen this particular target market because of the unique challenges women of this age group face. It is this generation of women who were first adopters of the technology we all use today – computers, internet, social media & mobile technology.

We still remember learning to type – on a typewriter, or our first computer course (MS-DOS anyone?). We were raised with a high work ethic, a culture that expected us to sacrifice ourselves for the good of the family but at the same time, be a feminist and reach for all the things that we’d been held back from for so long.

Divorce for women in their 50s has tripled in the past decade and we have the lowest rates of superannuation. We are now at an age where we have elderly parents we may have to care for, some of us still have teenage children at home or study and to top it all off, the workforce is not kind to middle aged women who commonly report feeling invisible.

Sharyn could see all of this and she passionately chose to be part of the solution. With a strong background in business development, leading high-performance teams and many years as an extraordinarily successful entrepreneur, Sharyn is also a certified Prosci Change Practitioner and an expert in how to change human behaviour. Her business coaching course called Co-Grow Mastermind encourages women to grow together as individuals and businesses, to share their stories and to collaborate where appropriate.

She also offers a more in-depth personal program called ‘SMASH’. In addition to these powerful programs Sharyn is also a Sacred Money Archetypes® Certified Coach – a program that unlocks money blocks and inherited belief systems around money and prosperity.

So here I was in my first Co-Grow Mastermind session. I knew a few faces by name and had worked with one or two in my role as a freelance copywriter. I had no idea what to expect from the day.

Sharyn is a strong personality – warm and friendly, prone to hugging with a contagious laugh but she’s also razor sharp with an eagle eye that can pin you down until your truth bubbles up from your very depths. And she uses this skill like a consummate conductor. There is no hiding in a Sharyn Swan workshop which I was soon to discover!

One of the first tasks we had to do was to identify things that we wish to experience for ourselves outside of work or business. It was a revealing exercise with most women in the group struggling to find time for themselves. We went through various processes to define what our business goals look like and as we did so, things got real.

The blocks that stand in the way of achieving these goals can be profound, soul deep and sometimes even shocking. We discovered things about ourselves, our relationships to others and our belief systems that had the effect of removing the blind folds – stripping away the layers and laying bare our core. We finished up with a step-by-step action plan for our businesses and lives as well as inspiration to move forward with renewed confidence.

But that’s not all we gained. My new understanding of where my blocks come from gave me a new sense of self compassion that has been missing for some time. And the beautiful thing was that I wasn’t alone. At one point in the morning, I looked around me at the women in the group. A few of them had shared deeply personal stories, some had cried in the telling of them, their dawning comprehension of what their truth meant plain to see.

Everyone was touched and connected by the processes and the stories that we all shared. It made me feel proud to be a woman.

The feminine energy of the room wrapped around us all and held us in a safe space. We could be vulnerable and supported to grow - nurtured like spring shoots pushing through the snow and reaching for the sun.

And that was just the morning session! Wait till I tell you about using the Sacred Money Archetypes® in our CoGrow Money Mojo session in the afternoon. But that’s another article."

- Liane

2021 CoGrow Workshop Schedule


What showed up for you in connecting to this experience? Come and Share in the comments in our Facebook Group: GenX Women Talk Money, Mindset, Midlife!

Big Blessings,

Sharyn Swan, loves Championing GenX Women to feel valued, confident, soulfully authentic, financially secure, flourishing in mid-life and beyond!

She is moving Women to 'Create Worth, Share Wealth'

Her latest offering is The SMASH Programme, a transformative 12-week money mindset makeover, helping women to embrace themselves as the CEO, crack the money code on their finances and focus their attention where it's needed most.


About Liane

Liane Morris is a words & ideas person who writes everyday in one capacity or another.
She's a copywriter for business and a contributor to InTouch and Your Hunter Valley magazines.
Passionate about the arts, Liane is on the boards of Newcastle and Dubbo Fringe Festivals, responsible for sponsorship and marketing.
In her spare time, she dabbles in writing fiction for both children and adults.

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