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Apps that Grow my Business Profit

best business basics live my best life Aug 19, 2020

I often get asked about what Apps, Software tools I use in my business.

I am a solopreneur, teaching online and offline workshops and coach one to one in bespoke appointments. I have my support team of specialists who work from their homes/office spaces

My first tip - Consider your business goals, the income model you operate from, and what you want to manage, reduce, solve, simplify.


For my setup the apps/tools I choose must meet one or more of the following;

1. Enhance the client experience, create a feeling of ease 

2. Convey a visual and emotional connection of my brand

3. Clear, quality communication, Streamlines tasks and time allocation

4. Provide up to date key data easily accessible

5. Gives me freedom for when and where I work


Key ones me and my team use every week or multiple times a day that meet the above all the above and help deliver growth in the cashflow and bottom line profits.

A few of these you may not have tried as yet ...


1. Quickbooks Accounting  - super simple to know whats happening to your money flow! Allocate your income and expenses as they occur just setup your bank feeds coming into your account and you can manage your money from your phone while you're sitting on the lounge, or waiting somewhere.


2. Canva - love the ease to create your graphics, store your brand colours and fonts so you don't have to keep loading them every time. Create socials, stories, presentations, flyers etc 


3. Style, Shoot, Social - Unique Stock Image library - created by a wonderful local photographer who shoots a new collection every month. Gorgeous and classy styles - Get an annual subscription - and receive the monthly access to the latest handmade content!


4. Kajabi - love love love using this for hosting my online courses. I've moved my entire website, blog, CRM, Online payment processor - across to this platform to be all under the one roof. Your course customers can download the Kajabi app to access your content and stay on track. 

As a Partner Kajabi member, I can pass along a 28 day free trial to you CLICK HERE


5. Clean my MacX - A recent tool that we started using that's made a huge difference to the operating speed of our Macs! There are a few You Tube clips how to tidy up your desktop which we have adopted


6. Mailchimp - If you use this tool - download the app to access reporting really easy, check for new signups that may be requesting access easy to approve on the go, orders made, clicked links etc.


7. Trello - planning out launches, working on projects, managing events and workshop content, to do - done lists, onboarding clients, creating an operations manual - so many applications we've used this for. As we can all login and make notes, update communication for all the team, move tasks from to do, to doing to done.


8. Acuity Calendar Scheduling - YES!! Clients choose from my availability, there is an intake form they complete in preparation, an automate feature to Zoom so they get the meeting link immediately, and the client manages if they need to reschedule!!

Oh how I wish every business I deal with had an online booking system. 


ALL of the apps above have a Free version. Some will be a Free trial to put it through it's paces, and others you can use with a lite range of features - and that will be all you need! 

'Will I ever have to do this again?'

Think about all the tasks you do repeatedly in your business. Identify the process you take and how you can simplify it, make it work more efficiently by including automation. Once it is working, every time it runs - means that you are making more money, as it's taken you less time in that one transaction over and over... that means increased profit margin, decreased stress and less time wasted from your leisure fun!

Be Blessed,

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Sharyn Swan, loves Championing GenX Women Business Owners to feel valued, confident, soulfully authentic, financially secure, flourishing in mid-life and beyond!

She is moving Women to 'Create Worth, Share Wealth'

Her latest offering is The SMASH Programme, a transformative 12-week money mindset makeover, helping women to embrace their skills, crack the money code on their finances and focus their attention where it's needed most.


Blog Photo by Trish Evans, Style Shoot Social



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