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8 Ideas to increasing your cashflow during COVID-19

money tips Apr 07, 2020

Support, Save, Suspend & Secrets! 
8 ideas to increasing your cashflow during COVID-19


1. Keep your support systems

If your gym has now moved online for classes, keep taking them. If your counsellor, health specialists, nutrition, spiritual go to people are online stay with them. You are the prime investment, protect and nurture you completely. 


2. Invest in Systems

Identify the gaps in your business where it impacts on your Customer Experience, or your Income Producing Activities.

For example Get a cloud based accounting setup .. they can start around $20 a month!

Look after your money sends a message that you can look after more.

Learn, Implement, Outsource to improve and solve so that it either take less time each time you do it, which means you give yourself a pay-rise in your hourly rate. Or you have a higher conversion rate from Awareness to Purchase.


3. Branding Elements

Refresh your brand! Review the visual story you are presenting and where it is inconsistent. Speak with your Graphic Designer to pull together a simple and leveraged message. If you want an introduction to one - email me here


4. Do a lot with a little

Time to audit your expenses. Is there a better package or offer for Electricity, Gas, Phone, Streaming, Insurances


- Aldi have amazing price phone plans if you have your own device from $15 a month or a Family shared plan for $80

- Foxtel are offering all services across the plans, so if you are on a higher tier look to drop to the basic and still keep the goodies. I arranged with Foxtel through Telstra and saving $41 a month

- Prime Amazon give you access to their Music streaming service as a bonus for their TV stream for $7 a month, you might then cancel Spotify or ITunes


5. Suspend

**I am not a financial/insurance expert or make these recommendation as what you SHOULD do, you need to do your own diligence around these ideas**

- Contact your Business Insurance company, can you suspend even get a refund on your Public Liability if you are not doing any in person events, using venues in this next few months?

- Health Insurance Ancillaries - given that we aren't using these in person services as our regular providers are closed and not offering tele-service, we have suspended our cover saving $110 a month. Speak to your PHI

As you gain savings, where will you redirect them to?

Having clear purpose for your money is powerful


6. Secret pockets of Cash

Look at your loyalty points programmes!

There is money sitting there you can look to use now if you feel they can give you more value, more joy or more peace.

- Purchase birthday gifts, clothing, dining vouchers from online retailers

- Need more wine??

- Gather up the Gift vouchers you've not used yet 

- Make payments to credit cards with FlyBuys points

- Velocity Frequent Flyer Points - redeem Westfield Gift Vouchers that are EFTPOS based and in theory could be used outside of those centres


7. Spot the Treasure

Play with us every month! This game in 2019 manifested to me $38,000! 

Every month I invite you to follow the 3xA's it's super simple, and you've resisted and now you have the time to learn and follow it - this month's Game HERE


8. Rotations of 3 Deep Breaths

In my routine each morning I sit on the verandah and allow my breath to go deeper as I do I say the words (in my mind) of what I want more of, and as I exhale I say the words of what I want to release or have less of... 'Inhale more peace, Exhale fear'  'Inhale wisdom, Exhale control'.... 

Just one rotation of 3 breaths elevates the sense of calm and centres the start of my day



Why do Women seek me out to help them?

Empowering greater prosperity by leveraging their business is a priority.

They desire to be 'make a difference' influencers in their circles, serving with grace, strength, character and generosity.


They have the courage to dive deep.

Their trust is rewarded with soulful alignment that generates peace,

freedom & fulfilment they relish



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