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7 Steps to Financial Peace of Mind

being a wealthy woman live my best life money mindset Aug 14, 2020

There are Women who want to 'make millions, and billions' and the pursuit of those figures is a life force of its own, that quest is paramount in their thoughts and actions every day.

There are Women who aren't excited by Money or the 'making of it' or do they feel drawn to becoming a money magnet, but rather the appeal of security, freedom to live on their own terms and having 'peace of mind' when they think of money in their life is what they express and are deeply seeking a ways to get there.

There are 7 Steps I teach my clients who want either of the above - it is essentially the same!

As GenX Women, we are coming into our mid-life with a loads of questions. Who am I now? What value can I still offer? Do I still have to, have it all? Do others still expect me to want to have it all? Do I want to change direction, business, careers? 

Equally at the same time asking 'What do the kids need?' 'What do my elderly parents need' 'How can we pay down the mortgage quicker' 'What do I need to put away to afford the next holiday'

What we really want is to escape for a bit and go 'Eat, Pray, Love'!! lol!!

Have you ever looked at your Linkedin profile and wondered who is this woman?  Scanning that  chronological list of what you've been at some point and wondering how did I get to being in my 40's or 50's already?

*Nearly 60 percent of Women born between 1965 -1977 described themselves as stressed. With three out of four women saying that they 'feel anxious about their finances' (*Women's Health Research Survey of 2016)

What was the thing mostly common across those women in during those sleepless nights ... Money!

Women come to a reflection point wondering 'What did I do wrong?'

We become so consumed by all our roles, caregiver, career maker, life co-ordinator, lover, side hustle creator, family nutritionist etc... that we wonder why we are running on cortisol and experiencing highest rates of adrenal fatigue and insomnia!


We each have our thing we are brilliant at, mine is creating powerful shifts for GenX Women to live aligned to their really, real truth, the stuff behind all the facades. In doing so they experience HUGE and significant elevations in their life that brings a visible transformation in their worth, wellbeing and wealth!

As I explore more around who we are as a Generation, at this time of our mid-life I am intrigued how little conversation there is openly. How under funded we are financially for our futures!


7 Steps to Financial Peace of Mind 

The Universal Law of Attraction:  Money flows where there is little resistance

1. Decide that you really do want to have a relationship with money that is fun, appreciative and peaceful. This means a shift from the default position that money is evil, difficult, bitter and you always on battle status with it.

2. Understand your unique 'Money Personality' the DNA defaults and subconscious behaviours are as 'how you do money is how you life'. If you don't know what your strengths are, how can you leverage them?

3. Start being aware of your money thoughts. Jot down what you say in conversations with others, what phrases you express, what excuses you make about money.

4. Clear your Money roadblocks, limiting beliefs around money, and being wealthy, that are chewing out your chances of success like termites unseen in your 'home' - behind the plasterboard, deep in the dirt around the piers

5. Set a new Money Compass - Empowering your truest values, what you honour, accept, actions that you release and replace with only those aligned to your Money Personality

6. Create your Money Map. What money is coming in, Where is it allocated, How will you use it? Intentionally focus on Past, Present, Future - Pay debt down, Pay for a little splurge today, Pay into tomorrow. Imagine having 3 months of living expenses accessible at anytime, a collection of personal assets, juicy superannuation/pension fund/401K, and being debt free!

7. Activate this plan, Review it weekly - Track your money daily,  Be Aware, Acknowledge, Appreciate... Repeat!


Resources: To find out your Money Personality, there is an Online Assessment Quiz. This takes 8-9 minutes to complete. Your results will be available immediately. I have an audio lesson waiting to teach you about the features of each of the Sacred Money Archetypes® that make up your Money Personality. Plus a few other goodies from The SMASH Programme, to help get you start on your Money Mindset Makeover journey!

Get Free Access Now, 'Crack Your Money Code' Module CLICK HERE 

Be Blessed,

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Sharyn Swan, loves Championing GenX Women Business Owners to feel valued, confident, soulfully authentic, financially secure, flourishing in mid-life and beyond!

She is moving Women to 'Create Worth, Share Wealth'

Her latest offering is The SMASH Programme, a transformative 12-week money mindset makeover, helping women to embrace their skills, crack the money code on their finances and focus their attention where it's needed most.


Blog Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

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