What is it?

  • Being an Affiliate Partner means you intentionally spread the word of a product/programme to your audiences.
  • In your sharing - via social media posts, one to one emails, campaigns to your database, messengers etc - you will include a unique tracking link (that we provide you in your affiliate account dashboard) that takes your leads to the website to learn more about the programme or the free course
  • When one of your leads clicks through on that link to learn more about the programme and chooses to purchase the product, you are rewarded with a thankyou commission!
  • You choose how much energy you place into using this opportunity as a possible and hearty income stream.


Current Promotional Products

SMASH© Programme $997US+tax/$1197AU+gst  {View programme here}

Take the Quiz (free) - they optin and then are taken to the quiz screen, emailed their results and send to a intro page for their Top 3 archetypes

Coaching Class Starter Pack $47+gst {more info here}

Personal Money Code Reading with Sharyn $297+gst  {more info here}


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mindset coach for women

Becoming a member of our 'Cheer Squad' will be a great match as ...

  • You believe in the programme offered, the quality of the content and the authentic impact it can provide each woman to embrace herself with deeper kindness and compassion as worthy and wealthy
  • You are enthusiastic to help us extend our reach, inviting great GenX Women who want to rise higher in their sense of confidence, fulfilment, empowerment, prosperity & purpose
  • You want to help more GenX Women to release the old stories of fear and limitations bestowed upon them from family, friends and workplaces
  • You want to champion GenX women to bloom majestically aligned to their truth
  • You are willing to receive a juicy extra income stream! The opportunities that this can add to elevate your own lifestyle and business platform


Ready?! We would love to welcome you as a member of ..

The Dot Connector, 'Cheer Squad' - Affiliate Partnership  



How it Works

  1. Apply to be a TDC 'Cheer Squad' - Affiliate Partner -
  2. We will review your application within 3-4 working days
  3. If all is acceptable, we will createa your account and yuo'll be notified by email
  4. Access the link and become familiar with your Dashboard
  5. Share them on socials, emails, messengers, marketing campaigns to your database
  6. When someone registers for a programme using your link, you are assigned a commission!



Process, Practicalities & Please - Guidelines

  • Commission is currently 20% on these products:
  • SMASH©
  • SMASH© Extensions
  • Coaching Class Library 
  • Personal Money Code Reading with Sharyn
  • Commission is calculated on the amount excluding GST.
  • Commission payments are made  by the 10th of the new month for the previous month's accrued earnings.
  • The payments are made once each registered participant who is your lead, is fully paid, ie if they choose Monthly Instalments those must be paid before commissions can be finalised to you
  • If they pay in full, we by law must wait 14 days for cooling off window before we can make commission payment.
  • Payments are made to the Paypal account you advise at the time of opening your Affiliate Partner account
  • Any receiving costs Paypal charges are not covered by us. Exchange rates fluctuate daily to what payment will be converted to in your local currency.
  • Payment based on the currency offered or selected by the purchaser of the content.
  • You can login to your 'Affiliate Dashboard' to see tracking numbers
  • You will be emailed the login details once your are signed up.
  • In your unique URL's, there is a tracking cookie which expires around 30 days after someone first clicked on it. This means if they do not register for say 90 days, your link may not be credited with the commission as it expired. So it's something you want to share regularly.
  • If a person sees multiple 'Cheer Squad' members posts with links, it will be the affiliate partner who's link they click through to purchase that is credited with the commission
  • Our content is 'evergreen' (available to start all year round) which means you can promote at anytime
  • Your affiliate account is 'activated' as soon as your first person registers for a TDC programme using your unique link.
  • Once that happens you can also receive commission from your own purchase of SMASH© Programme - if you have already commenced one, and this is some time after you have started, it will still be credited to you.
  • There will be system messages and announcements to members of our 'Cheer Squad' communicated via email, so please ensure we are marked out of spam folders.
  • We have a Facebook Group CLICK HERE exclusively for Cheer Squad Affiliate Partners, to ask questions, share promotional ideas and celebrate goals!
  • Membership to the TDC 'Cheer Squad' is by application to see if you are a match to share to our ideal audience
  • Your membership of TDC 'Cheer Squad' is free, and we will review annually that it is still of mutual value. If there is no participation in link sharing we understand this opportunity no longer is of interest to you. All good!
  • We have a premium offering, and value the excellence delivered to all participants and partners.
  • We will provide images for sharing with your links onto social, emails, newsletters. These images are not to be altered in any way. You are not to create your own. 
  • Please consider where you share the links. It is a personal and boutique experience we are selling, not a back of the car boot rummage.
  • Therefore no posting on Ebay, Gumtree, Marketplace, Buy/Swap/Sell sites
  • No discounts can be offered or other promises made on behalf of the brand.
  • Each participant who registers will be subject to our purchase terms and conditions contract.
  • We have the right to cancel membership if behaviour is not in line with our brand.
  • By registering as a 'Cheer Squad' Affiliate Partner, you agree you have read and accept ALL the terms and conditions listed here
  • If you breach any rules we will suspend any commission payments that you have generated.
  • Any tax liability is yours. You are not an employe of TDC, but receiving a referral fee.
  • We make no guarantee of earning capacity of these referral fees. We are not providing any financial advice in our products.
  • Terms of Sale are listed on our Website for each purchaser
  • We will make some tweaks and edits as we go, thank-you for your kindness as we learn our way through!

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