Connecting the Dots for

GenX Women to have more

Peace, Prosperity, Purpose, Play

by transforming our relationship with Money!


Breakthrough glass ceiling limits using your natural superpowers - your Sacred Money Archetypes®


Hi Amazing GenXer!

Well, here we are in 'midlife', a place where you could be caregiving to elderly family and young family simultaneously. 

Wondering what your worth looks like now? Where is your contribution as team players, inventors, solution providers?

We bring our hard work ethic, but the dollars don't match the value and time we give. We feel the need to win approval. We rebel against the unjust, and the unfair. We feel the need to rescue at the sacrifice of our own goals, and leak away savings and our future financial security to support others.

The last 20-30 years we have been holding down a mix of roles. We have the lowest amounts of superannuation, (401K, Pension Plan). Divorce rate for Women in their 50's has tripled in the last decade. The lifestyle we have known for so long is now compromised.

Women have resistance to recognition of their skills and talents, celebrating accomplishments and general 'receiving' of any sort that impacts us embracing ourselves as worthy, wealthy women. I want to help you become confident with the skills needed, to inspire new possibilities and turn those into greater prosperity and financial success. Feel a delicious sense of contribution and fulfilment, your life/career/business flourishing, influencing others as you do!

The secret sauce I've observed from years of coaching women - keep improving our relationship with money! Release the battle energy and begin seeing Money as friend not foe

We have 'Money Stories' written deep into our subconscious - other people's fears, pain, messages, phrasing which influence our daily decisions without us even knowing that they are.

My Superpowers

Seeing YOU behind the facade, your blindspots, spotting the 'gold', possibilities, your gifts, strengths and connecting it all together!

Your Transformation

I use a beautiful blend of tools that are so powerful together, the practical external 'what and how's' and the personal internal 'beliefs and blocks'. Without both you cannot have the breakthrough you seek! Yep!! I've tried, and tried - when things were slow I thought 'I'll just do more, more of the external stuff'...nope, that wasn't it, all I got from that was feeling burnt out!

I've learned that financial and emotional freedom comes, feeling at peace comes, simple comes, the cash comes, the way of life we seek comes! We have more energy, more resources, more power, more influence! Making a more significant difference to our communities. Giving from a place of authentic grace, integrity, strength, and wisdom. 

More Peace, More Play .... Let's move more women towards this. Know that I will be championing you, with you, watching as you take this walk in the arena, that only you can do for you!

Sharyn xx

Why did you come here today?

I want help to ……..


earn more money
attract more clients
feel more confident
get a plan together
expand my impact
be money friendly
declutter and reset
stop sabotaging success
get past my mind blocks


What works best for you?

self paced online course
a small group in person
one to one attention
read a little first
take the money quiz
have a chat with Sharyn

Thank You for being here!

I'm Sharyn, I've been connecting the dots since my teens, when I first started my part-time job with a fashion store who's jingle was 'this goes with this, goes with this'! 

My natural curiosity is to find solutions, spot the gaps, transform outcomes, be a belief builder, championing people back to their truth, gifts and strengths.

I love celebrating who we are as Generation X Women and the amazing-ness we bring to the world!

more about me

Client Love

Katrina Becker

Jason Becker Concreting

"I have undertaken The SMASH Programme, Workshops and One to One Coaching with Sharyn Swan 'The Dot Connector'- all contributing to changing our lives abundantly, in so many ways.

Knowing my Sacred Money Archetypes® strengths and challenges I can use these insights to empower my daily life & business decision making 

It's also helped those around me (husband lol) understand my traits and we have used these strengths with my roles in our business. It is such a great tool for businesses especially husband & wife teams and those with staff to understand each other's strengths and utilising them within your business. Get started with a course, one to one coaching Sharyn today!! You won't regret it.

Trish Evans

Trish Evans Photography

"We all have that person that we can look back on in our business journey and see the impact that they’ve had towards our growth as a business.
Sharyn Swan, The Dot Connector,
is definitely one of those people for me.
Sharyn was my first ever personal branding client. Prior to that I was just doing styled product photography and events.

Sharyn has opened so many doors for me since then through recommendations and also inviting me to be a part of a Gen X woman’s networking group that she co founded. Meeting with these like minded woman on a monthly basis and supporting each other’s goals and businesses has been fantastic
Sharyn is a coach that brings all the facets together in a manner that’s tailored to your personality. She helps you to see what makes you tick as a person and an entrepreneur.
She is definitely an inspiring and savvy business woman and always a pleasure to be around.
She is my Oprah and I’m sure others would say the same

Chrystie Hile

Graphic Lane

"After completing some sessions and current workshops with Sharyn I now have a clear path to grow my business and no longer feel stuck and overwhelmed. She helped me with visual tools for action plans, tracking and metrics I am finding is a big help. I finally feel like I am getting somewhere with my business goals.

Sharyn's enthusiasm and fun personality make her a delight to work with as well.

Amanda O'Bryan

Creative Queen Bees

"WOW - I have started working with Sharyn, One on One sessions, and my first session was yesterday. You cannot hide from her magical powers of intuitive perception but she does so in a loving, supported way. She gave me very practical steps, more like a strategy really, about a very important and income-generating part of my business, I really took it on - immediately.

We meet at 12.00pm, then by 4.00pm I had implemented the first action step from our meeting and made the first sale, in a way I had never made a sale before - and it was effortless and soooo aligned with my gifts and talents. It didn't feel like a sale, but a $1000 reward. She absolutely has super gifts and talents for recognising your super gifts and talents.

I love your work Sharyn Swan - it is powerful and personal.

Nicole Seawell

Sailors Sweet Life

"I gained such clarity on my self imposed limits and the corresponding opportunities from Sharyn's mini course on money types. Not only was I shaking my head in agreement, she helped me to guide my next steps to find clients whose money types match my message and coaching results.

Take a moment to learn your archetype, and get actions steps through your current struggle. Thanks Sharyn!!




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